Our Roots

I have always made things: retooling my dad's shirts into tank tops, decorating jeans, designing (and re-designing) my room. After a solid career in marketing and branding, I felt the need to do something tactile, and had an instinct that I would like making jewelry. I did. And, at a certain point, it became clear that I had too many ideas and couldn't wear all my rings, earrings, and necklaces. Time to share.

I am obsessed with shapes and their infinite combinations and permutations. The more I play with, combine and then, hold back and restrain, the more modern a piece feels. My goal is versatility and freedom - neither formal nor informal, feminine nor masculine, just present. I love knowing that wearing something I have made makes the wearer feel more special, and perhaps then, a bit more in charge of themselves for that day, hour, moment.

My name is Aliza. Miller is my mother's maiden name, and the name of my jewelry studio. It's all about celebrating the women in her family who were creatives in spirit but born in the wrong generation, time, and countries to be free enough to pursue passions, whims and fancies.

I'm reclaiming the name, and the path. Welcome.